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I am designer of experiences and a storyteller, one that loves creating vivid emotional experiences from simple delightful moments to outlandish encounters enabled by immersive tech. I design systems and products that deeply connect to people and bring new experiences to life.

C+01 Headset

C+01 is a form and function exploration inspired by hyper-functional objects by the likes of teenage engineering and Nothing. It is an Alternate Reality headset that adds customization in the shape of physical buttons, sliders, and dials.

Rio Furniture

Rio is the antithesis of fast furniture built for young and mobile people. How many times have we bought cheap furniture just to fulfill an immediate need, only to throw it away less than 3 years after? Our character and our stories are reflected by the furniture we own, that's how we share our stories. We deserve furniture that not only works and feels better but also one that has a minimal environmental impact and is incredibly easy to move through a fast-paced life.

Warm Headphones

What if we could make electronics more approachable by using warmer materials and more cohesive forms? This project is an exploration into the shape language of headphones, a product that is often very intimate with us, and yet it is usually made from cold materials such as plastic and metals that have many hard edges and aggressive details. Warm use soft fabrics perfectly shaped to match the user's hand, while enabling a friendlier experience that enhances the intimate connection with its user.