Currently, a designer of experiences, based wherever I need to be. I am a storyteller, one that loves creating vivid emotional experiences from simple delightful moments to outlandish encounters enabled by immersive tech. I design systems and products that deeply connect to people and bring new experiences to life.



Theme: Experience Furniture

Materials: Plywood, Maple, Wool

This piece works towards the idea of flexible interactions within furniture. It allows people to sit, lay or stand wherever they feel fit. 

For an update on this design check out Minis.


Uni Stroller


Theme: Baby products

Materials: PC, SS, Cotton

Uni is a highly compactable stroller that elevates the user's experience by providing motorized assist and smart tracking. It's simple shape enhances the focus on the baby-parent interation, removing any barries that might get in between.

Split Drill


Theme: Power Tools

Materials: ABS, Rubber, SS

The Split drill is meant to be shared. It uses smartphone connectivity and an interaction screen to create a product that can be easily exchanged between people in the same neighborhood. It tracks its current user and enables people to reserve a time with the tool. 

Warp House


Theme: Tiny Housing

Materials: TBD

Warp revamps the concept of affordable housing by providing well designed small scale pre-fabricated units that can be shipped and installed for a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality.



Theme: Mixed Reality

Materials: ABS, Glass

Cosmos offers an immersive and active social experience based around a set of portals that take you into this new world. Users can opt to take part in a story, play a sport or transform into adventurers, each with their own set of interactions.



Theme: Music production

Materials: ABS and PC plastic

Maestro is a mixed reality experience that removes the barrier between musicians and their craft. It gives the user a more natural way of interacting with music than on a flat computer screen, by briging all the elements that compose a song to physical reality.



Theme: Music learning

Materials: Walnunt, SS, Glass

Nota is a musical companion, it captures ideas and moments of inspiration. It is a sketchbook for musicians, a portable guitar that helps the player to record a song or learn new techniques.


music-based motion graphics


Honda rebranding concept


These are short projects that explore a variety of mediums and tools.