4th Term

Fall 2017

Problem Solving


14 Week




Pulse is a set of in-ear earbud that encourages young musicians to wear hearing protection by offering

an enhanced rehearsal and performance experience

11 million people

In the US have some kind of hearing loss

That's about the entire population

of L.A. and New York combined.

Sérgio Carvalho music producer


Even several friends of mine and I have hearing loss

due to not wearing ear protection since we started."

Factors the dissonate young musicians from using hearing protection include price, awareness, and incentive (or lack thereof)


Reasons such as the number of drivers, customization, and the specificity of those products contribute to the rise in cost.


How might we protect the hearing of young starting musicians during

the majority of their time playing?

The major key was to provide an

extra benefit that makes the musician want to use hearing protection

How to do it

Design Criteria








The final melody was of an on-ear producer, a control base where the user can control how and what they hear.

Pulse is an on-ear gesture-based control interface that gives the user control over what and how they hear themselves and bandmates.

Sound Blockage

Using its shape and foam earpieces Amper isolates the user from outside sounds.

Sound Entrance

A single driver ear-bud allows wanted sound to come in.

Music Reaction

The side OLED screen reacts to the played music and dances with the performer, thus it can be customized to fit any style.

Simple Gesture Control

Use the screen to control the volume of any instrument set in the virtual studio.

Control App

You have the control, Fader equalizer and more settings can be adjusted on the app.

Signal Adapter

The object responsible for connecting every part together, it reads the input from the instrument and outputs it to the app, which is controlled, changed (or not), and then sent to the artists' ears.

Transporting Case

The system works in harmony, every part has its home, so carrying it from one place to another does not become an obstacle in any way.

How is it less expensive?

Number of Drivers

Expensive IEMs use 4 drivers, which exponentially increase the price, while having no scientific proof of their effectiveness, especially for beginning musicians.

Pulse uses a single one.

Estimated Price

Based on the estimated prices of OLED screens and touch-sensitive displays, in a 5-year future, a set's cost would range from US$200 to US$ 275.

How it works

A 1:30 minute video that shows how Pulse is used


Turn on the sound!

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