Problem Solving


14 Week


Artificial Intelligence

& Robotics

Nota is a musical companion, it captures ideas

and moments of inspiration, working as a

translator between the real and musical.



Expressive, ever-changing and fun, changes based on the player and on the listener. It's very subjective.



Traditional and standard, might get boring after constant practice. Usually method based.

Each person's learning style can be different and the traditional method might not be enough for everyone.

The drive to learn and play should come from our love for music.

And love for music is found in our daily lives

From our morning playlists to the little tunes we hum in the shower, the music we encounter everyday is what can enhance music learning

We believe, that through Artificial Intelligence, our worldview can be shifted into a musical one, by capturing moments of inspiration and translating them into learning experiences


Hum or sing songs to Nota, she will then translate it into chords or notes


Capture not only sounds but chords and movements

Nota A.I.

The character was developed to help the communication between the interface and the user. It acts as a guide that knows you more the more you talk and use it.


Play known or original songs with the aid of the LED array on the fretboard

The Mechanism

In order to make the product extend and contract we developed a mechanism that would allow for that movement.

Using a set of springs that maintain the cords tensioned and an adjustment knob that strengthens the force

It’s like a mirror that helps you get better at the guitar.


The hub shows you where to improve, it reads your movements and advises on what to practice. It has an Augmented Reality interface that virtually projects chords and picking patterns on the guitar.

The Hub

An accessory that’s meant for learning. The hub stays at home and aids the user with a more straight forward approach to learning.

It sees them and, with the same Nota character, takes the user through their learning path.

A Cradle

The Hub also houses Nota, working as it’s charging and resting space.