The Proposal

1 week

rebranding exercise

The Brand

The power of dreams

The Visual History

The Problem

While Honda pushes far in technology and design, it is drawn back by the lack of inspiring branding.

A confusing set of identities hinders the understanding of their mission.

we are

Dream Builders



Honda believes in The Power of Dreams. But believing isn’t enough. As Soichiro Honda said: “Action without philosophy is a lethal weapon; philosophy without action is worthless.”

A reinterpretation of the brand as the Timeless Dream Builders.

The entity that turns fiction into reality, no matter when.

An hourglass that signifies its relationship with time. One that forms Honda's iconic 'H' in its negative space.


We realize dreams, turning fiction into reality.

We explore the unknown and pave the way to new discoveries

We are an ideal, one that permeates all we do.

Wherever and whenever.

Keep Dreaming