7.5th Term

Spring 2020

Furniture Design
14 Week time frame

Value Proposition

A space within a space. The piece will work in favor of flexible interactions, where people can pass through, sit, or lay in any manner. The most natural and ephemeral.

First, I'd like to start with a little story


Being from Brazil, it was very customary to often have friends over at my apartment in Rio. A modest but definitely not spaciously abundant spot, especially not by American standards, where the available seating space was always a bit scarce.

That was until we got this rug, not a common one you see, but a big 10ft x 10ft, knit-like, thick and comfortable rug that laid right at the center of the living room, under the three couches that had always been there. We then were never out of space again. People would just sit where-ever, the rug made that entire area seat-able. The floor and the couches became part of the same system, one that did not define where and how people should sit, but rather let the situation organically decide it.

What if a single piece of furniture could do that?


More than one unit can be placed together


Their positions can be arranged so that they harmonize with each other, creating new interacting options.


While still being self-suficient as a single unit.


Larger spaces allow for bigger compositions, each could have their own fabric color.





As the most accessible furniture constitution material, plywood is used as the pieces'  structural basis.


Maple Veneer

The veneer will cover the plywood surface, working together with the Maple Hardwood edges.


Maple Hardwood

A light and softly finished hardwood works towards making the piece less heavy and more approachable.



This textured fabric has a nice cool and comfortable feel, while its texture enhances the overall Cachoeira thematic.


Protoype Plywood Construction


Wood Detail


Magnet Detail



For people that love to change up interactions, and for places that allow for such flexibility. Cachoeira aims to integrate several forms of furniture, a singular object that attends to many different needs. 

Organic design isn’t just about shapes and materials but also about the experience. This piece values exactly that, making spaces within spaces where people can talk, sit or eat wherever best fit. 

Then, a minute later, change up all of it.