6th Term

Fall 2018



14 Week




Value Proposition

Atom is a personal computing ecosystem

that eliminates the need for processing upgrades, while enhancing flexibility.

Current Ecosystem

Due to the fast advancement of technology, users usually buy a new computer every 2,5 years, which results in an absurd amount of valueless electronic waste being created in a short period of time.


Are popular for their modularity, the user can change single components depending on their need.

Mission Prompt

How might we make personal computers less environmentally impactful without losing its portability and ease of use?

LifeCycle Analysis

This LifeCycle Analysis will study the environmental e social impacts of a 2006 Apple Powerbook G4. Which will include: the laptop and packaging. And will not include: the charger, headphones or any other accessory that shipped with it at the time.


Functional Unit:




Design Criteria

Extend Lifetime

Diminishes the impact per time of the computer, the longer a product lives the less of it would have be manufactured.

Rethink Material

Changing the material types used in production can drastically reduce the environmental impacts during those processes.

Improve Recycling

Designing for disassembly both for an ease of maintenance and ease of recycling.

Keep it Portable

It is a Laptop after-all, the redesign has to have the same portability of a normal personal computer.


The New Ecosystem

Outsourcing the performance enables the system to keep up to date for an unlimited amount of time, the physical hardware is just a vessel for its cloud power.

Cloud Computing

Latency isn't a problem

Wireless networks are approaching
the 5G era, where download speeds
are up to 20 times faster. Expected
to replace household cable Wifi
the 5G system will be the root of
the Internet in the next century

How the system works


This simple unit is composed of a
keyboard and trackpad unit that
works together with a screen, those
two can be magnetically attached
for easier transport.

Laptop Peripheral

Larger screens can be attached
to the system, working alongside
other peripherals on the same
virtual environment.

Bigger Screens

A person

for scale

LifeCycle Analysis

This LifeCycle Analysis will study the environmental e social impacts of the Atom ecosystem. Which will include: the phone, 15 inch screen, keyboard, 24 inch screen and packaging. And will not include: Charger, or other peripherals.


New Evaluation


Functional Unit:



An average computer is replaced
after 2.5 years of use due to
hardware upgrades. While an Atom
system does not have that problem.

25 Years in Computers

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